About Us

Zany Aesthetic Management was founded in 2020 by Maddie Cox and Sabrina Whitney at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. Zany was created because Maddie and Sabrina saw a niche in their community: businesses with unconventional styles were lacking the high-design marketing materials needed to convey their brand identity and attract clients in a hyper competitive landscape. Zany is founded on the idea that style is never an after-thought and that boring is never an option.

Our goal at Zany is to provide our clients with branding styles that are difficult to find at traditional graphic design and marketing companies, and to create one bold, cohesive visual identity for every aspect of your business. We love to make beautiful things and we’re always ready to think outside of the box, so if you’re ready to Get Zany then email us at zany@getzany.co.

Aesthetic Management: A Step Beyond Branding

Aesthetic Management is marketing and branding reinvented for the digital age. It’s the curation of one cohesive, visual style that will span all aspects of your business, from your digital presence to your storefront. Every part of your business that is seen makes an impression on your audience, and should be treated with equal attention to detail in order to stand-out and appeal to customers. Contact Us at zany@getzany.co to find out more!

What We Do

Make beautiful things for you!